About Us

We come from a science background offering innovative and cost-effective solutions to our clients water treatment & hygiene compliance requirements across the UK.

Formed in 2016, a group of industry renowned scientists and engineers came together to set up a company that had both leading knowledge and expertise in the field of legionella control and water treatment chemistry. What has made us successful is that we all believe in exceptional customer service and making compliance affordable. We understand that companies and organisations often have tight budgets and we would rather them spend this on more important things such as the education of their students, the care of their residents and the welfare of their employees.  It is for this reason that Sci-Tech Water Treatment Ltd was born, we fit into a niche market that is often exploited by larger companies, we are here to protect our customers by ensuring compliance with guidance documents at an affordable cost. 



We understand that choosing the right company to help you shouldn't be taken lightly; after all, you are entrusting a third-party  with very important compliance services that could have a massive impact on your business. 

This is why we only employ the very best!

All our water treatment engineers are graduate scientists having gained degrees in relevant scientific fields and have at least 5-years experience in the industry. 

Our in-house training is completed by every member of staff and refreshed more frequently that guidelines recommend. We are routinely audited by governing bodies to ensure we continue to provide the best services and products. We regularly complete market research to ensure we remain competitively prices and continue to offer affordable compliance. We ensure we are at the forefront of new industry technologies and offer these to our clients.

On top of this we are fully accredited, insured and approved


We genuinely care about our customers and believe in creating a happy, and compliant, partnership.


We promise to:

  • Be present whenever you need us

  • Extend our expertise specifically to your needs

  • Provide a personal service

  • Be respectful at all times

  • Be positive in our approach

  • Go the extra mile

  • Always be affordable

  • Always be approachable

  • Always provide unbiased and truthful advice


Meet The Team



Lee Roome

Managing Director

Mob: 07534 163 105

Email: lroome@stwt.co.uk

Dean Pic.png

Dean Goodwin

Operations Manager


Paul Higgins

Client Services Manager

Mob: 0114 478 4783

Email: phiggins@stwt.co.uk


Dr. Chris Rivers

Compliance Manager

Tel: 0114 478 4783

Email: crivers@stwt.co.uk


Sharon Smith

Office & Accounts Manager

Mob: 0114 478 4783

Email: ssmith@stwt.co.uk


Finley Mitchell

Graduate Water Chemist

Mob: 0114 478 4783

Email: fmitchell@stwt.co.uk

Sci-Tech Water Treatment Ltd, Unit 0.09 Soar Works Enterprise Centre, Sheffield, S5 9NU

Tel: 0114 478 4783  |  Email: sales@stwt.co.uk


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