Water Hygiene Technical Services

Sci-Tech Water Treatment Ltd offer a comprehensive water hygiene technical service contract to ensure your site is fully compliant with guidance documents relating to the control of legionella bacteria in hot and cold water systems. 

Sci-Cloud E-Monitoring

Our Sci-Cloud e-Monitoring software is there for you whenever and wherever you need it. What's more, it is free for all contract customers.


Learn more in the Sci-Cloud section of this website. 

Monthly Temperature Profiling

Using industry certified and calibrated thermometers we will profile the hot and cold water temperatures from the following recommended locations/assets around your site:

  • Sentinel Nearest & Furthest Outlets

  • Representative Hot & Cold Outlets

  • TMV Hot & Cold Supplies & Blended (including any required adjustment)

  • Calorifier Flow & Return (and Stored if possible)

  • Water Heater (e.g. LVPOU, IWH, etc)

Quarterly Shower Descales

The ACoP L8 & HSG 274 recommends shower heads and hoses are disinfected at least quarterly. We use industry approved chemicals and follow industry recommended guidelines to ensure a successful descale of all shower heads and hoses. We also sell replacement shower heads (including legionella filter showers) and the disinfectant bespoke of showers if our clients wish to complete this in-house

6-Monthly Water Tank Inspections

There are many guidelines around the safe use of cold-water storage tanks including the structural integrity, prohibition of hollow support bars, inlet and stored temperatures, cross-flow and rodent screens / air-vents to name a few; before even thinking about building regulations and turn-over. We therefore include into our contracts a free inspections of all cold-water storage tanks and present the findings in a written and photographic report. If the stored water tanks supply drinking water outlets we will also advise on the sampling required and can carry this out for you.

6-Monthly Log Book & Risk Assessment Audit

To ensure on-going compliance we regularly audit our monitoring results and the actions and accuracy of the legionella risk assessment that is in place. This is usually completed by an Account Manager and the report discussed with site-personnel. To complete this we take on the role of an HSE Inspector and audit all compliance documentation and cross-reference with all guidance documents to see how the site is managing their risk of exposure to legionella bacteria effectively. This exercise is made easier when clients' records are stored on our Sci-Cloud e-Monitoring Platform. 

Annual TMV/RPZ Fail-Safe/Service

Our monthly temperature profiling services will identify quickly if a TMV has failed; however, we also complete a full site TMV fail-safe test every 12-month's. Those TMVs that fail this check will be recommended for a full service. If this service fails to correct the issue, we can replace the TMV for a compliant unit. RPZ valves also require an annual service which our engineers are trained to complete.

Annual Clean of Water Tanks

Required annually if the cold-water storage tank feeds drinking water outlets; otherwise, we will provide guidance on the cleanliness of the water tanks following our six-monthly inspections. We use industry approved techniques and chemicals to clean and disinfect all aspects of the water system, from mains supply, through the stored water tanks and all hot (including through the water heaters and calorifiers) and cold down-services. We provide a written/photographic report and a certificate of disinfection for your compliance documentation.

Annual Calorifier Blow Downs

Included as a free service into your Scheme of Control are Calorifier blow-downs; this is a simple service by which we drain the sump contents from the Calorifiers to ensure both optimal performance and removal of sedimentation.

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