Water Treatment Technical Services

Sci-Tech Water Treatment Ltd offer a comprehensive range of specialist industrial water treatment and water safety solutions that bring together the expertise of trained water management professionals with the latest high performance water treatment techniques to deliver real performance, reliability, cost and safety improvements to our clients.

Our expert water management solutions encompass boiler water treatment for industrial boilers and steam generating systems, cooling water treatment for cooling towers and cooling water systems; and water management support for closed system heating, closed cooling and closed loop chilled water systems.

Boiler Water Treatment 

Specialist boiler water treatment and in-field engineering support solutions for commercial and industrial boilers and steam generating systems.

Addressing the issues of scaling, corrosion and deposition that affect boiler performance our services are delivered by experienced in-field boiler water treatment specialists who combine the latest treatment techniques, equipment and data controllers to reduce costs, improve efficiency, reliability and safety; and extend asset lifecycles.

Cooling Tower Water Treatment 

Water is used in cooling systems as a heat transfer medium and frequently also as the final point to reject heat into the atmosphere by evaporating inside cooling towers. Depending on the quality of available fresh water supply, waterside problems develop in cool water systems from: Scaling / Corrosion / Dirt & Dust Accumulation / Biological Growth. Any of these problems - or more usually a combination of them - result in costly unscheduled downtime, reduced capacity, increased water usage, high operation and maintenance costs, expensive parts replacements, and acid cleaning operations which reduce the life of the cooling system.


Dosing & Control Equipment

Sci-Tech Water Treatment Ltd have a wide range of dosage and control equipment available from a range of specialist suppliers. This ensures the best possible product for every application. We provide both off the shelf units as well as panel mounted bespoke designs. 


Closed Loop Water Treatment 

Specialist water treatment solutions for the management of closed system heating, cooling and chilled water systems.

Our expert services focus on addressing the issues of corrosion, fouling, bio-fouling and scaling that can affect the reliability and performance of closed circuit and closed loop water systems. Our specialist water management program are delivered by in-field water treatment experts who bring together the latest water treatment techniques, equipment and controllers to reduce costs, save energy, enhance efficiency and reliability, and extend asset life-cycles.

Cooling Tower Clean & Disinfections

Expert cooling tower cleaning, disinfection, water treatment and tower maintenance solutions for all types and sizes of cooling tower installation.

Our specialist cooling tower cleaning and disinfection solutions address the common problems of scaling, fouling and microbial contamination that affect the cleanliness, safety and efficiency of cooling towers. Our services are delivered by trained engineers who can help restore cooling performance, clean and disinfect tower components; and improve safety and legionella compliance.

Cooling Tower Maintenance &  Repairs

Expert cooling tower maintenance, engineering repairs and refurbishment solutions for all industrial and commercial cooling systems, towers and evaporative condensers.

Operating throughout the UK our water treatment and engineering solutions have been developed to optimise thermal performance, improve reliability, extend asset life-cycles and ensure client safety and regulatory compliance obligations are fulfilled.

Pre-Commission Clean, Flush & Treatment

Specialist pre-commission cleaning and engineering support solutions for all newly installed and refurbished heating and chilled water systems.

Our expert pre-commission cleaning services are essential to ensure new and existing heating and chilled water systems are commissioned correctly and in accordance with the latest BSRIA guidance to improve system reliability, efficiency and extend asset life-cycles.

Chlorine Dioxide Disinfection Treatment

The Chlordiox Supreme, manufactured by Grundfos, offers superior water disinfection technology for all types
of water systems.
It has the following unique features which remain unmatched in other disinfection methods:
• Destroys both free bacteria, legionella and biofilm
• Uses chlorine dioxide, which is extremely efficient, but has no effect on the taste and smell of water
• The robust design of the Chlordiox Supreme ensures high operational reliability and low maintenance
• User-friendly operation
• Efficient in areas of the pipe system with no flow (dead ends)
• Sustained release effect for long-term disinfection

Commercial Water Softeners

Expert industrial water treatment and engineering support solutions including the design, manufacture, installation and maintenance of commercial water softeners and industrial water softening systems.

Our specialist commercial water softeners, engineering and delivery capabilities allow us to offer a range of expert services including in-depth site evaluation, water softening system design, turnkey installation, and lifecycle water softener maintenance services to ensure water quality standards are maintained at all times.

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