Thermo Guard Temperature Screening

Have you worked out how to manage and prevent customers and staff with a fever entering your site yet?

As workplaces and public areas start to reopen, scanning people for elevated skin temperature can provide the perfect control measure.

Rapid Deployed Elevated Temperature Screening 

Our free-standing screening station comes installed, is easy to operate and requires minimal staff intervention.

  • Real-time elevated skin surface temperature detection - takes just one second to detect

  • Fast screening of up to 30 people per second

  • Simple clear visual and audio alarms  to notify immediately upon detection

  • Artificial intelligence to reduce false alarms

  • Non-contact measurement to avoid physical contact, protecting you and your co-workers

  • High accuracy

  • Temperature range 30C to 45C with an accuracy range of +-0.5C

  • Customisable poster explaining what is happening and how to respond

  • Developed and tested at international airports

  • Setup included - no onsite IT support or connection required

  • Minimal operator training required - intuitive use

How does it work?


Any object with temperatures above absolute emits a detectable amount of radiation. A thermal camera converts IR radiation into grayscale values, and matches these to a temperature value through an algorithm model.


Thermal cameras with high-temperature accuracy can help detect elevated skin surface temperatures which may indicate the presence of a temperature. Thermal cameras can be used for the temperature screening of travellers, shoppers and office workers.


Video of thermal camera (top) and normal view (bottom)


Start using our temperature/fever scanning technology today and take advantage of our monthly payment plan which works out  at less than £9 per-day. 

Monthly Plan

36 month payment plan

£ 275

12-Month Hire

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